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WFH/ Staying in – Get $40 off your first two weeks ($20 off each order for your first two orders)!

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WFH/STAYING IN SALE If you're staying home, it’s easy to turn to unhealthy and expensive...>>>


If you’re staying home, it’s easy to turn to unhealthy and expensive takeout that can quickly add up with markups, service charges, delivery fees, and tipping. (See this recent Nytimes article). Compare that to Freshly, which is as low as $7.99 per meal.

All our meals are packed with nutrient-rich whole foods, free from ultra-processed foods (like boxed meals, junk-food, and refined starches which makeup over 60% of American diets), and well-balanced with veggies, quality proteins, and satisfying complex carbohydrates. Свернуть

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